Sandy Campbell - Forever Falling.JPG
Forever Falling
Oil, acrylic and sand on canvas
61cm x 61cm

Sandy Campbell is primarily interested in materiality and surface, frequently referencing abandonment and decay within her work. Campbell’s practice originally developed from immersing herself in the declining urban landscape, being fascinated by the empty buildings and decaying surfaces around her studio; so implicit of history and experience, identity and transformation, fragility and strength.

Since relocating her studio to Digswell her practice has progressed as she works even more intuitively; using automatic drawing to create a rugged mixed media surface on the canvas which she then works into through an intense process of addition and subtraction. By getting lost in the work, Campbell says “I enjoy using chance as a methodology; the push and pull between what the paint on the canvas dictates and what I control as the artist.” The resulting expressive, abstract paintings are energetic, surprising, and full of meaning.

facebook: Sandy Campbell Art
twitter: @sandycampbell45